CR1632 Battery
CR1632 Coin Type Lithium Battery

CR1632 is a coin type lithium battery which is a high energy and high reliability type of battery used in many different applications such as watches, cameras, calculators, and small electronics.  Lithium coin battery are 3 volts, double of the dry cell button cell batteries.

CR1632 is part of the CR series.  The CR series uses a manganese dioxide lithium chemistry which can handle applications requiring high voltage and strong load pulse needs.  A cousin is the BR series which uses a carbonmonoflouride lithium chemistry that offers extended reliability and safety.

Features of CR1632
  • High 3 Volt voltage.
  • Excellent shelf life, extremely small self discharge for long service. 
  • Wide temperature operating range 30 degrees C to 60 degrees C.
  • Small, compact, lightweight.
  • Strong load pulse characteristics.
Technical Specifications
Nominal Voltage: 3V
Nominal Capacity: 140 mAh
Continuous Drain: 0.10 mA
Diameter: 16 mm
Height: 3.2 mm
Weight: 1.8g

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